Copeland discography Alternative Rock Gospel

Copeland/Pacifico Split EP (2001, 128kbps)
1. That Awful Memory Of Yours
2. May I Have This Dance
3. Second Star To The Left, Go Until Dawn

Beneath Medicine Tree (2003, 128kbps)
1. Brightest
2. Testing The Strong Ones
3. Priceless
4. Take Care
5. When Paula Sparks
6. California
7. She Changes Your Mind
8. There Cannot Be A Close Second
9. Coffee
10. Walking Downtown
11. When Finally Set Free

Know Nothing Stays The Same (2004, 128kbps)
1. Another Day In Paradise
2. Coming Around Again
3. She’s Always A Woman
4. Take My Breath Away
5. Part-Time Lover
6 / 79. She’s Always A Woman [Remix]

Connect Sets (2005, 128kbps)
1. Don’t Slow Down
2. Pin Your Wings
3. Take Care
4. Coffee

In Motion (2005, 128kbps)
1. No One Really Wins
2. Choose The One Who Loves You More
3. Pin Your Wings
4. Sleep
5. Kite
6. Don’t Slow Down
7. Love Is A Fast Song
8. You Have My Attention
9. You Love To Sing
10. Hold Nothing Back

Eat, Sleep, Repeat (2006, 128kbps)
1. Where’s My Head?
2. Eat, Sleep, Repeat
3. Control Freak
4. Careful Now
5. Love Affair
6. I’m Safer In An Airplane
7. By My Side
8. Cover What You Can
9. The Last Time He Saw Dorie
10. I’m A Sucker For A Kind Word
11. When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out]

Eat, Sleep, Repeat: Best Buy Exclusive Limited Edition EP
1. No One Really Wins [Alternate Version]
2. Don’t Slow Down [Alternate Version]
3. You Love To Sing [Alternate Version]

Chin Up
Careful Now [Acoustic]

2004: Do You Hear What I Hear? – from Maybe This Christmas Tree (cover)
2005: Every Breath You Take – from Policia: A Tribute To The Police (cover)
2006: Black Hole Sun – from Punk Goes 90s (cover)


In Motion | Policia!

Beneath Medicine Tree | Know Nothing Stays The Same | Know Nothing Stays The Same (cropped)
In Motion | In Motion (cropped) | Eat, Sleep, Repeat | Eat, Sleep, Repeat (title treatment added)